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Yes, I know that there wasn't a bloody survey. I'm the bloke doing this stuff remember? Apologies to the sad few for whom discovering which clubs' supporters ate the most custard was a highlight of the summer, the survey might return at some point in the future... but the arrival of Rahelle Marie on June 14th kinda kyboshed that one. And, um, influenced the preview in certain other respects. Plus, we weren't overly bothered what Chelsea and United fans thought anyway... so we've limited our question-asking to long-standing correspondents from our fellow promotees, whose opinions we might seek out for a progress report later on also. Anyway... carry on...

Arsenal (Factfile, Opinion)
Aston Villa (Factfile, Opinion)
Blackburn Rovers (Factfile, Opinion)
Bolton Wanderers (Factfile, Opinion)
Charlton Athletic (Factfile, Opinion)
Chelsea (Factfile, Opinion)
Everton (Factfile, Opinion)
Fulham (Factfile, Opinion)
Liverpool (Factfile, Opinion)
Manchester City (Factfile, Opinion)
Manchester United (Factfile, Opinion)
Middlesbrough (Factfile, Opinion)
Newcastle United (Factfile, Opinion)
Portsmouth (Factfile, Opinion)
Reading (Factfile, Opinion, Oppo Opinion)
Sheffield United (Factfile, Opinion, Oppo Opinion)
Tottenham Hotspur (Factfile, Opinion)
Watford (Factfile, Opinion)
West Ham United (Factfile, Opinion)
Wigan Athletic (Factfile, Opinion)

"Going down instead of us" by Mike Smart; "Our Last Meeting" and "Oppo Opinion" by credited authors; everything else by Matt Rowson.