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Gone but not forgotten:
Peter Beadle
Position: Centre forward
From: Spurs - stlg 5,000 - November 1995
Record: Played: 13(11) Scored: 1
To: Bristol Rovers - stlg 30,000 - September 1996
Career stats: Soccerbase
He was: Crap but cheap

The record speaks for itself. Peter Beadle was signed for a negligible amount of money in the hope that he could do a job for us - the gamble didn't come off. At a time when we needed a centre forward, it was hoped that Beadle would fill the role - in fact, despite being tall, he wasn't a centre forward at all. He won very little in the air and seemed totally lacking that killer instinct around the box. Only once did he impress me - playing in a Tuesday night game against Barnsley, he got into a bruising encounter with Taggart, lost his rag completely and played brilliantly. Other than that, it's difficult to see why Bristol Rovers wanted to pay money for him.

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