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FA Carling Premiership, 3/10/99
Leeds United
Synergy - the science of football
By Farzana Chaudry

Body language, it was all in the body language. As I watched the Golden Boys warming-up, I could sense something just wasn't quite right; they seemed sluggish and tired, the usual passion and vigor was missing. It was almost as if there was some kind of player-fan synergy going on. Some of their lethargy rubbed off onto us and some of ours onto them.

All the Leeds players left the pitch by 2.50pm,no doubt to psyche themselves up for the task in hand. Some of our players were still on the pitch dangerously close to kick-off time. In my book it's the little things like that which count.

As the teams came out I was delighted that more fans are bringing confetti to the games, a woman not far behind me had painstakingly cut up thousands of pieces of red, yellow and black crepe paper, that made my chunky white efforts look decidedly embarrassing.

There was a sizeable Leeds contingent. Leeds had asked for more tickets and were awarded them. It's synergy again - the science of football! Don't give 'em loads of tickets and they buy them anyway and ruin it for the home supporters; give them lots of tickets and they end up taking two thirds of the Vicarage end. Call me old-fashioned but I thought the whole point of home matches was to vastly out-number and intimidate your visiting rivals to small quivering wrecks stuck in the corner of the ground, not enjoying full vantage position behind the goalmouth.

Man with tannoy - darling, please calm down. The Leeds fans can stand on their bloody heads for all I care!

We were very poor in midfield. Most of our players just seemed to panic when they had the ball. It isn't netball, lads - you can keep the ball for longer than three seconds. It's so soul destroying to lose at home when you know we didn't even really put up a half-decent fight. We know we're better, we are the best, and we are the greatest....

Yeah, yeah it was Sunday...but it was also Sunday over at Upton Park, plenty of passion of a different kind there!

Sorry, no excuses. I may be mad and desperate but I'm not stupid.... all of us were poor and we just can't afford to play and spectate like that, especially at home and especially on a Sunday.