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06/07: Preview: Sheffield United

Our Last Meeting
"Much as we'd looked comfortable as the first half closed, it seemed reasonable to expect a United onslaught at the start of the second. Instead, we hit them very hard again and all but finished the game. Spring's looping pass from midfield put Bromby under pressure with Marlon King homing in. Immediately you were gripped by a bloodlust, a bit like watching a wildlife programme with a lion stalking a lame wildebeest. You know what's gonna happen, you know it ain't gonna be pretty, you can't tear your eyes away. Marlon snarled onto his prey mercilessly as the ball bounced, tussled past him and hit the ball on the half volley, pure crisp and lethal with Bromby stumbling irrelevantly in his wake. The celebration in front of us looked as orchestrated and elaborate as some of our recent set plays. Two-nil."

Matt Rowson,
Sheffield United 1 Watford 4,
Division Two, 06/02/06

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Red faced, screaming the house down, uncontrollably wound upů no, no obvious parallel between t'Blades and babycare that I can see.

Going down instead of us because:
It's gonna be entertaining, but there's just no way Warnock will cope with Premiership justice. Spontaneous combustion is inevitable.

BSaD Verdict
It would be tremendous if both ourselves and the Blades could stay up. Unfortunately United's form since we thumped them in February has been distinctly average and their summer recruitment has, as so often under Colin, leaned towards quantity rather than quality - many bodies have been added without obviously strengthening the squad in anything but numbers. Going down.