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06/07: Preview: Portsmouth

Our Last Meeting
"Despite recent events, Portsmouth are a much better side than the last round's victims, and this success required the intense, concentrated implementation of a well-prepared gameplan. Required it, got it...and we again, astonishingly and spectacularly, arrived at the point where we'd put the game out of reach with half an hour remaining. This time, our opponents didn't disintegrate entirely. Even so, after a brief flurry of protesting attacks, Portsmouth were a completely spent force by the final whistle, just about keeping their shape and holding their heads up, nothing more. They weren't destroyed as Southampton were destroyed, just efficiently neutered. A different achievement, yet, in many ways, even more thrilling. Think of it, grit your teeth, clench your fist. Pretend you're Dychey for a moment. Every single challenge faced and beaten."

Ian Grant,
Watford 3 Portsmouth 0,
League Cup Quarter-Final, 30/11/04

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Heat rash. Ugly and irritating but ultimately harmless.

Going down instead of us because:
I'm all for chairmen backing the manager, but surely there comes a stage where you have to say "Enough!". No? Carry on, then.

BSaD Verdict
Heavens knows. Suggestions earlier in the close-season that Gaydamak was to provide Redknapp with a warchest haven't really been reflected in their signings as yet, and rumbles that Harry still doesn't have a free reign on footballing decisions don't bode well. Could plausibly finish anywhere from bottom to mid-table.