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06/07: Preview: Manchester United

Our Last Meeting
"Remarkably dull, then. Really, United and their Champions' (sic) League chums have effectively removed all the fun from the cup competitions - since they neither care about the competition nor about the result, they have nothing to lose. The whole point of giant-killing was that the giant died painfully, after all.

We, on the other hand, appear to be struggling to grasp the whole Worthington Cup concept. As Father Dougal might say, "'s like the Champions League, only with Cheltenham and Notts County and Manchester United reserves in it. Oh, right, yeah. So...erm, when do we play Barcelona?". Our three home performances in this wretched competition have been entirely bewildered and confused, so perhaps it's best that we've put an end to it now."

Ian Grant,
Watford 0 Manchester United 3,
League Cup Third Round, 31/10/00

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Mothercare. A big name, and something you instinctively associate with babycare. But bloody expensive, and increasingly marginalised.

Going down instead of us because:
There's always one team that struggles unexpectedly. And if they will keep loaning Watford their best players…

BSaD Verdict
Relegation by Christmas, Sir Alex banned for failing a drugs test, Wayne Rooney sent off during a primary school visit in Salford. Either that or defeat to someone mediocre in the Champions' (sic) League quarter finals and finishing about fourth in the Premiership. Dunno, toss a coin.