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06/07: Preview: Blackburn Rovers

Our Last Meeting
"But, as previously noted, this is all mere flim-flam. To be a good side, you have to have vaguely the same number of players as the opposition. It just helps, basically. So, there was Robinson's poor attempt at a pass to Page, there was Bent sneaking in to take possession, there was Bent falling over Page's negligible challenge. There was Rob, either unable to see the incident or unable to see anything wrong with it, looking over to his linesman. There was Page protesting his innocence, pointing out that Robinson was in close attendance. There was yours truly, dutifully and prematurely noting the Watford captain as the recipient of the evening's first yellow card.

The colour of the card was red, the stadium exploded, the three points sneaked quietly away towards Lancashire while everyone was distracted. The grand idiocy of the decision makes it difficult to know where to start. With the fact that Page barely obstructed Bent? With the fact that other defenders were getting back? Or - my personal preference - with the fact that sending someone off for an offence that you haven't seen without speaking to the person who saw it is ludicrous on an unheard of scale? Sod an appeal to the FA, you rather feel that we'd be better off going to the European Court of Human Rights. "

Ian Grant,
Watford 0 Blackburn Rovers 1,
Division Two, 20/02/01

Most Relevant Aspect of Babycare
Colic. Utterly, thoroughly, awkwardly obstructive.

Going down instead of us because:
Please, are this lot still here? Impostors. Belong in the bottom half of Division Two.

BSaD Verdict
Mark Hughes did a fine job with Rovers last season, but the departure of Bellamy means that Rovers could revert to the obstructive but blunt outfit of the season before last. Hughes' scattergun approach to replacing Bellamy hasn't yielded an obvious successor; Roberts is perhaps the best bet, but industrious and single-minded though he is he doesn't have Bellamy's quality; McCarthy's reputation has never been sufficient to propel him into higher echelons of club football - and he'll need to settle, whereas Jeffers' disappearing career is perhaps the most obvious gamble of the lot. Mid-table, but no better.