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The Horn
By Ian Grant
With "Clap Your Hands Stamp Your Feet" increasing in both popularity and quality, "The Horn" is definitely second of the two Watford fanzines - but it's not a bad second.

Essentially, it's a guide to recent events through the eyes of the press and other fanzines, with occasional comments from the editor, Mark Evans. The A4 photocopied format isn't pretty but, as anyone who reads BSaD ought to know by now, I'm not that hung up on window dressing anyway.

Some of it's a bit dry and some is old news (literally) but there are always going to be enough titbits to make it worth the money. My personal favourite from the October issue? Replies from Watford and Luton fans to the question, 'If watching your team last season was like shagging, how would you describe the experience?'. The answers - Watford: 'Like a dose of the clap'; Luton: 'A top advert for celibacy'...says it all, really!

The opinions are worth a read too - generally well thought-out (an intelligent defence of Andy Hessenthaler after his move to Gillingham, for example) and occasionally brave (it's not easy to say anything good about Kerry Dixon, even now he's gone). Plus you get various odds and sods like a quick quiz and predictions for Div Two.

Rather like having a good rummage around a second-hand bookshop, then - you won't be dazzled by flash covers and air-conditioning but you might just find something that's impossible to get elsewhere. Or something like that, anyway.