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Thing of the week:
By Ian Grant
Believe it or not, many hours of painstaking work go into giving BSaD that 'just-thrown-together-in-a-lunchbreak' look that everyone loves so much. Thank the Lord, then, that someone's finally delivered an HTML editor that helps rather than hinders.

HomeSite is, by a quite ludicrous margin, the best editor that I've tried. It hurdles the usual pitfalls with an ease that borders on arrogance - I've been using it for a couple of months now and not once have I been irritated or frustrated by it (with virtually all others, I've been tearing my hair out within a couple of hours). Nick Bradbury, who deserves medals for his efforts, wrote HomeSite because he was fed up with the shortcomings of existing editors - he wanted to use the end product and it shows (it's a sad reflection on too much of the software industry, that).

It's a beautiful package. It encourages and rewards well-structured HTML by colour coding the tags and converting them to capitals. It handles paths and filenames without any fuss at all. It drag and drops. It supplies thumbnails and dimensions for images. It spellchecks. It has an internal browser so you can check what you're doing. It gives you the freedom to tinker while offering support when you need it. Basically, it does everything you want and then throws in a few more things just to show off.

And it's a bargain. You can download the first version for free - it hasn't got all the bells and whistles but it's still a damn fine bit of kit. Or you can get the new version and enjoy using the best goddamn piece of shareware that I've ever seen.

But don't take my word for it...

HomeSite's, erm, home site