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Game On
By Ian Grant
Chances are you've stumbled across Game On while channel-hopping on a Monday night. Comedy about three flat-mates - Mandy, Martin and Matthew. Chances are you thought it was a bit crap - most people do. Chances are you're completely and utterly wrong...

Game On is a situation comedy. But it's not about witty wordplay; it's not about hilarious accidents; it's not even about Samantha Janus (which is a bloody relief because, and I'm beginning to think I'm completely alone on this one, Samantha Janus is not sexy). Reading between the lines, Game On is nasty, brutally honest and f***ed up and, once you've sussed what's going on, it makes for ridiculously compelling viewing.

Power struggles, insecurity, jealousy, loneliness, boredom. Hardly yer usual sit-com fare, is it? Matthew's agrophobia, for instance, revealled at the start of the second series to be the result of the death of his parents, is reflected in his intolerance and his need to bully the hapless Martin. It's all there, you just have to pay attention.

So, anyway, the first series is out on video. Buy it, if only for the moment when Martin wakes up from his daydream on the bus in the second episode. The second series will no doubt be repeated soon - different Matthew, same savage scripts.