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The HitchHiker's Guide To Division II
By Ian Grant
Bearing in mind that I know about as much about most clubs in Division Two as I do about astro-physics, this could come in quite handy.

Basically, what you get for your pound is a compilation of contributions from fanzines representing all Division Two clubs (put together by the Notts County fanzine), each providing vital and not-so-vital information on how to survive a trip to their ground. That means directions to the ground, where to get edible food, where you can drink without losing any teeth in the process and so on. Stuff that's generally pretty useful to know, in other words.

The quality is, it has to be said, variable. The fact that each 'zine has been left to its own devices means that some have really gone to town (the Chesterfield section is practically a book in its own right) while others have been a bit more economical with the info (you get a map of the Wrexham ground but no directions to tell you how to get there). Worryingly, Clap Your Hands manage to get the spelling of our ground wrong...

Definitely worth a quid, then. Even if you don't end up going to half of these grounds (which I won't, unless I win the lottery) you can find pleasure in finding out useless bits of information. Did you know that there's space reserved to land a helicopter in the car park at Walsall?

Price: stlg 1
From: No More Pie In The Sky, 39 Dunvegan Drive, Rise Park, Nottingham, NG5 5DX (enclose an SAE or they'll burn your dog).