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Chances are that you're not going to like this very much. It's a sad moment for us too, in lots of ways. But after more than ten years of filling BSaD with opinions, memories and other nonsense about Watford Football Club, neither of us is in a position to continue any longer. Our lives have changed since we started, particularly in the last couple of years, and the spare time that once seemed easy to find is no longer there. One of us has just become a father, while the other is self-employed and working far too hard as it is. Running BSaD has always been a demanding pastime - a rewarding one too, often - and we can't continue to meet those demands.

Re-building the site to allow others to take on a greater share of the work, both writing pieces and sub-editing them, has been the subject of discussion for several years. There is no lack of technical skills - creating dynamic websites is precisely what ig does for a living - but, again, we've never been able to find the time. That moment has now passed, anyway. Continuing as before is simply not an option, even in the short term.

If the site is to continue in anything resembling its current form, we will need to hand it over to someone prepared to take it on in its entirety, from organising reporters for matches through to editing and publishing those reports when they arrive, via all points in between. We would, of course, try to help with that transition as much as possible, and we'd contribute whenever we could, but we could not offer to do much more than that. Obviously, we'd want to be completely certain that anyone who did take the site over was up to the task, both in terms of being able to put the hours in and being able to keep the quality high; we apologise in advance if we offend anyone by sticking to those criteria, but you'll hopefully understand that we couldn't face the heartbreak of watching from the sidelines as the site slowly disintegrates. Should anyone feel that they might be able to do it, please drop us a line. Vague offers of help with writing articles and suchlike are very kind, but they're just not going to be enough in this instance.

Failing that, we'll be covering the games against West Ham and Man Utd as usual...and then that'll be it. We won't disappear from the face of the earth, naturally, and we will consider offering occasional thoughts on life via a blog or something similar. And we'll leave the site online for posterity, of course. But that'll be it. Might be wise to have a hanky on hand next Monday.

Finally, whatever happens, we'd like to thank everyone who's contributed to BSaD over the years, whether it's by writing, editing, or just offering support. It's hugely appreciated.

Best wishes,

ig and Matt