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Trying to contact someone? Looking for information about something? Flogging some old tat that you found in your attic? Well, this was the place.

Lifts to games offered/wanted?
If you're after a lift to a game, why not try We Will Follow?

Looking for other Watford supporters?
If you're looking for fellow Hornets, in your area or elsewhere, you might try the supporters' far and wide page (last notice 12/06/06: Dunstable and Houghton Regis).

Tickets for sale/wanted
Please note that we don't accept notices for tickets for sale or wanted... it's not worth the hassle of checking bona fides or any ensuing issues. You are welcome to join the Watford Mailing List to ask personally.

WFC programmes/handbooks for sale(1964-1988)

Donna ( writes "I have Watford Football Club programmes from Sept 1964 to April 1978 - 230 of them - and Jan 1979 to March 1988 - 64 of them. Also official handbooks for 67/68, 68/69, 71/72 and 73/74. I am looking to sell all of these either as a lot or individually. Do you know anyone who might be interested?"


Looking for Hornets we met in Amsterdam

Annemiek Teunisse ( writes " My friend, Esther, and I are looking for four Watford fans who were in Amsterdam on the weekend of 13th/14th of May: James, Greg, Kevin & Steve (hopefully the correct names). We met them celebrating the upcoming marriage of James. It would be great to get in contact with them. "†


The Million Pound Football Homepage

Pete Carpenter has set up a site to raise money for the Supporters Trust. To see how he's getting on or to contribute some cash yourself, visit


It's all organised - Cycling for Fairtrade

Stuart Sharkey ( writes "Back in the early summer of 2005, while Aidy was signing such players as Seites, Devaney, Junior and Griffiths one person had faith to say that we would be a Division 1 (Premiership) Club by May 06. I have to be honest and say it was not me. I thought achieving a position of 21st in Division 2 (The Championship) would be a real achievement.

So who was this person that put us all to shame? Well Iím delighted to say it was my daughter. So when she and her husband decided last summer to do a sponsored cycle ride around all the Premiership football grounds to raise money for Fairtrade, the comment was made that Vicarage Road would have to be included as they would be in Division 1 (The Premiership) by then. So donít worry, leave your finger nails unchewed, itís all organized, Premiership, here we come.

If you would like to reward this amazing piece of foresight with your support, words and cash, the web site is Thank you."


Sale of memorabilia

David Prutton ( writes "I am moving to Canada†even though it hurts me to go and leave the Orns behind, especially bearing in mind the Aidy Boothroyd revolution. As a result of this move I am looking for a good home for my collection of videos, programmes and books. I have attached details (PDF file, needs Adobe Reader). I feel that these things should stay close to the Vic. I have spent quite a lot of money acquiring the collection so I am looking to sell rather than give it away, plus the money will help soften the blow of not being able to watch the Orns in the flesh. Contact details are in the attached."


Programmes for sale

Colin Reid (, a Hamilton Academicals fan, writes " Hi there all hornets! I acquired some matchday programmes from 1981-1986. In total there are four with players such as John Barnes, David Bardsley and Pat Rice. If anybody is interested in them, I am willing to do a deal as I feel you would probably appreciate them more than me. Good luck for the season!"


A small (very small) collection of old Watford pin badges for sale.

Damon Cochrane writes "I have seven badges for sale, all intact with clasps and pins still working so could be worn if you wish. Would make an excellent addition to any badge collection, some of these are quite rare, including: 1977/78 4th div championship winners, Watford AFC supporters' club badges from 60s/70s and some from the 80s."

Please contact or call 07880 727781 for more information, or some photos.
Will sell singularly or as a set.


Wanted: 1969 goalkeeper's jersey

David Walker ( writes: "I'm trying to get hold of a 1969 Watford goalkeeper's jersey! As you can imagine its not easy to get hold of one as demand is probably non existent and they are not top of everyone's Christmas list, but if you knew anywhere/anyone that may have a replica (or original!!) I'd be very greatful.

I have managed to find an outfield shirt from this promotion winning season but Ireally need the goalkeeper's top for a Christmas present. Any ideas???


Trust selling programmes

The Watford Supporters Trust has a great big bundle of eighties programmes and other memorabilia for sale. For more information, have a look at their website.†


Neil Cox signed sick bag (sic!)

A self-styled Grumpy Old Fan writes: "I have One Air Portugal Sick Bag signed 'Best wishes Neil Cox'. Highest bid by the first day of next season accepted. All proceeds to the Watford Supporters' Trust."

Contact him with your bid on


Programme binders and posters

Rupe (spikemorrissey@ writes, "I am looking for Watford programme binders in the old 80's programme square style format as well as the more recent format which hold a full seasons worth of programmes unlike the current binders on sale in the Hornet Shop"

"I am also after original large pre 1987 Watford team posters. Please email Rupe on the above e-mail address with what you have available and the asking price".


Programmes wanted

Paul Tucker ( writes: "I am always on the lookout for Watford programmes home and away from 58/59 up to 79/80. If you have any that you want to get rid of, please let me know with an indication of what you want for them."


Bournemouth programme wanted

Steven Kelly writes: "Does anybody have last season's Watford v AFC Bournemouth (Carling Cup Round 1) programme they'd be willing to sell? Please email or phone 07909 572 563."

Harry Hornet badges wanted

Simon writes: "Has anyone got a spare one of the old 'Harry Hornet' enamel pin badges featuring the original spindly character? It was revived as part of a set of old badges by the club shop a few years ago (probably the centenary year) I'll pay any reasonable price. Simon 01923 254654."

Old ticket stubs wanted

Stuart Doran writes: "If you have any old ticket stubs and want to make some money from them, then e-mail your list to:, my collection stands at nearly 700 Watford ticket stubs and I need more, dont mind have doubles."

Programmes for sale

Nick Alexander writes: "I am an exiled fan now living in the north east. I have 75, or so, Hornets programmes from the early to mid 1980's for sale. Any sensible offers will be considered."

If you're interested, give Nick a call on 01287 632441.

Programmes for sale

Andrew Keir writes: "I have around twenty old Watford programmes, most with their accompanying Football League reviews (a freebie inserted into the programme back then) from the late 60s/early 70s including the FA Cup semi final with Chelsea at White Hart Lane after knocking out Stoke and Liverpool. The programmes come in several formats as they changed a lot in a few years reflecting the times. These are in good condition as they have been stored in the dry but I need the space now. I would like to sell them, preferably to someone with an interest in the club."

You can contact Andrew with an offer at

Looking for John Price

John Longman writes: "I am trying to locate an ex-Spurs/Watford player by the name of John D Price. He played for Eastbourne in 1954, then came to Spurs and when he left he went to Aldershot in 1957. After Aldershot, he played 21 games for Watford. Then he went to Sittingbourne. I have been in touch with the clubs i have mentioned, but unfortunately they have not been able to help. If you could help, I would be very grateful."

You can contact John at


Need a lift from Bristol?

Tony Wallis writes: If there are any Hornet fans based in or around Bristol that would like a lift to and from home games (or the occasional away game), or even to lift share, then drop me a line - I've usually got at least two free seats in my car. Contact me on:


Pin badges

Does anyone have any Watford pin-badges that they are willing to sell? If so, please email Tom Brodrick at