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I should be so lucky:
Lucky shorts
A brief tour of some of the more ridiculous superstitions
Repetitively beaten
By Alex Haylock

Me and my mates have a pre-match ritual as well -

When walking from the Junction to the Vic, you are repetitively beaten if you walk over three drains as they are extremely bad luck. The only way to 'cancel out' the bad luck is either to walk back over the three drains or spit on the final drain. If you walk over two drains, however, it is good luck. So when we lose it is not because we were outplayed, it was because some tosser walked over three drains!

Having said this I must apologise for the Gillingham result, I didn't mean it!

Yes, I am that sad.

Dai Thomas
By Daniel Marks

1. Must wear: away shirt, Coca-Cola socks, jeans, dad's belt, 'wfc' cap.

2. Must put cap on and take off five times.

3. Never sing "Watford till I die".

4. Never put my arms up in the air during a chant.

5. If I have to take my coat off kick it five times under the chair.

6. Face programme towards the way that we are shooting (it made Dai Thiomas score, for god's sake!)

7. I have six foreign shirts, never wear them during the football season.

8. Never wear the Division Two Champs hat with the big badge on.