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I should be so lucky:
Greasy spoon
By Richard Scrimshaw
Now it can be told:

I am to blame for the AWS defeat. I normally have mushroom omelette and chips at the greasy spoon in the Hornets Precinct before an evening game, but that night I had spaghetti..... and then the Red Lion was shut.... I'm sorry, okay? I left work late on the night we played L*t*n and didn't have time to eat.

But it gets worse...

The Hornets never, ever play well in front of my dad. His birthday was on Feb 22nd, so as a treat I took him to .... Wycombe. His previous game? Well, my employers have a box at Selhurst so, yes, Crystal Palace 4 WFC 0. Now I think of it, he came to the Wimbledon home cup tie, and the Palace home tie the previous season. Okay, okay, I'll stop bringing him. Took him to Anfield in our first season in the top flight (1-3), Villa in the cup (1-4), West Ham in the cup (0-1). You see, I just don't believe it can last - he will go to a game when we are magnificent, and it will all be worthwhile.

Chap next to me in the Rous can't make it to the Bury game, so he wondered whether I'd like his ticket.....