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I should be so lucky:
Not even combing???
By Matt Bunner
In order that the Hornets get three points, I, on the day of the game....

  • Must NEVER wear my Watford baseball cap on the day of the game. Twice I have and twice we lost in the league!
  • Must NEVER alter my hair. The day I got my haircut, we lost at home to Millwall!
  • Must say, "Long may it continue" - our stay at the top
  • Must have one side of the scarf lower than the other side, dependent on the direction we are kicking. If it's level, it's a draw!
  • Must have comfortable fitting clothes: Millwall - I bet people thought I had a skin complaint that day!
  • Must have the scarf over the back of the shirt collar and not touching the neck directly. Case: Millwall. Near miss: York.
  • Must NEVER reveal my superstitions... OOPS! Has that stuffed it up? No, because the game's tomorrow!

Previous efforts and others:

  • Same parking space
  • Same route to the ground
  • Hope we kick the right way
  • Watford bag is under correct seat at the game
  • Hope the other side can't raise a side
  • Enter via favourite turnstyle
  • No-one takes the scoreboard down
  • Reappearance of the bookies
  • Reappearance of Elton and GT

Long may it continue, fingers crossed, touch wood...