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I should be so lucky:
Rice pudding for Saturday lunch
By Guy Judge
They fall into three categories (Good grief - Ed):

A. Long time superstitions now abandoned (either they stopped working or they became redundant or I just forgot about them!)
B. Long time superstitions I still hold - these are the most worrying
C. New superstitions


1. Asking my mum to give us rice pudding for Saturday lunch - it worked well under Ken Furphy but had to be abandoned when I left home!
2. Standing in the same part of the ground. It used to be on the ashphalt next to the old Rookery. (See also C1 )
3. Buying my programme from the same lady (actually its the lady who pushes Don in his wheelchair - is she related to him?). I stopped doing that when we drew at home with Blackburn in the old Div2 playoffs thereby not going up.


1. Parking my car in the same place near Cassiobury Park.
2. Listening to the same tape on my way up to Watford (sorry to disappoint you - its Mary Chapin Carpenter)
3. Wearing my same crappy old black jacket with Watford scarf (see also C2)
4. Eating a Margharita with extra spinach at Pizza Express and a Peroni beer (but see C3)
5. Buying and reading the Watford Observer while eating the above.
6. My half time Mars bar (this dates back to the 1960s - I no longer eat them at any other time!)


1. Sitting at the Top of the F to the LEFT of ig (not necessarily immediately next to him but we lost at home to Plymouth when I sat to the right of him)
2. Wearing my same crappy old black jacket with Trond's moose pinned to it.
3. NEW - could this mean you should club together and buy my pre- match drinks? Before going to Pizza Express, going to the new pub between Yate's Wine Lodge and Clements (can't remember what it's called) and having a pint of Guiness - okay, I have only done this twice vs Bristol City and Walsall but who says economists can't spot a trend?!