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Irrational hatred of...
Swansea City
By Pete Fincham
I went to the Play-Off game between Northampton and Swansea on Saturday.

The only reason I wanted Northampton to win was that, seeing as I have been to both grounds, Town is nearer for next season's trip, and that if we win at Swansea we are likely to get our heads kicked in, as a few Carlisle fans found out this season when I was there.

But most of all I went into the game with a pretty open mind. This lasted until I got onto the train to go to Wembley, when a whole gaggle of Welsh twats sung "England's full of shit" to their hearts' content.

Okay, I am fairly nationalistic at the best of times, but to come to the home of football and start shouting shit about England being crap, and how they didn't want to be in England made me think one thing.

If you don't want to be here, then piss off back to that pitiful excuse of a country you have, and stop bugging us. Not only that, why, oh why are the Welsh in our leagues anyway. I mean the Konica league is about as strong as the Scottish non-premier league, but we don't want the likes of Aidrie and Raith impurifying our game with mediocre lower division teams, and even more squalid stadia.

So, who's with me then? (Crikey, is that the time? Must dash! - Ed) A campaign to rid the league of all that is Welsh? I know it won't work, but it will wind up the puritans like hell, and I'll get the Welsh equivalent of a Fatwa put out on me (I'll be banned from looking at sheep)!

Seriously though, if they don't like it, then I wish they'd bugger off! I cheered more than most when Town scored in the last minute of injury time, and I did laugh even more when the idiots who booed the National Anthem (but sang their own with such gusto - and there's me thinking this wasn't an international match and we were all in the same league of ENGLAND) were reduced to tears and silence as Northampton fans all around were heard saying "Yes, we'll be going to Vicarage Road next season", as well as "We'll get a chance to piss on the Luton Scum again next season" (they beat them in the Auto flip flop thing!)

Up the Cobblers!