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Irrational hatred of...
Everything successful
By James McNeil
There have been numerous teams who have enjoyed more than their fair share of success. Liverpool, Arsenal, and for the whole of the present decade it would seem Manchester United are destined to be the annoying gits. But why should we hate all these teams and any one else who has a remote degree of success? After all if they have achieved success then surely they must be doing something right and therefore deserve it, so why should they be the objects of our hate?

These teams have generally been around at the top of the league for a very long time and their success generates more success as they can attract the best players around, leaving the smaller less successful clubs to scratch around on the ground for the crap until they come into money. The fact that Watford are one of the unlucky poor clubs should have nothing to do with our opinion of the fortunate ones.

Teams such as Liverpool give a great deal of entertainment to us, when we watch the football programmes such as Match of the Day and you can't deny that without these clubs our National team would have no decent players to choose from! On the other hand there are the arguments that they are bringing in all the quality foreign players to this country and thus preventing the continued production of youth players. And by doing so are denting the national team's chances of success. I disagree, I feel that if a player trains with players such as Klinsmann, Bergkamp or Gullit, one can't help feeling that they can only learn from their experiences making them better players.

We are basically just jealous of what these teams have got that we haven't, and while this is a natural human emotion, it does no-one any good.