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Irrational hatred of...
By Matt Bunner
You know the type: they criticise the players at every possible moment, never failing to point out cock-ups, but go oh-so-quiet when they do something correct, or just say, "about time too", or "he can be a good player". They throw their arms up in despair and let out a groan of seismic proportions; they boo the team if they fail to win by five goals, they mumble and shift uncomfortably when the ball is passed backwards, need I go on?

Every club has them, even down to grass roots football, so we at the Vic are not alone. How can you avoid them? Are they doing a disservice to the club? What can be done?

It's fact that confidence can do wonders for a team's winning ability. The majority of confidence comes from winning, the rest from the terraces (remember the old cliché that says good support is worth an extra player?). Backing for a player instils confidence and the desire to play for the club and fans. Continually knocking will lead to demotivation and loss of form and in some cases, eventual transfer. This particular scenario could lie with Micah Hyde - I swear I heard some booing when his name was mentioned before the B'Ham match. Okay, so the chap hasn't been playing well, but he confounded the boo-boys by playing a stormer against the Blues. The same for Gifton Noel-Williams and Robert Page and has already happened to Sean Dyche at Bristol City.

Take the example of Jason Lee. He was laughed at for his footwork. He was berated by some fans for his lack of effort, but crucially was supported by the louder section of the crowd, who appreciated his work. Basically this support kept Jason at the club and (looking at it coldly) he won us the Championship and the three pts on our debut this season. I heard people saying recently that they'd wished we kept Jason Lee when we used the high ball - were these the same people that booed him last year?

Unfortunately you cannot avoid moaners. They come in all shapes and sizes and sit everywhere. What they must remember, is that by the definition of the word, they are SUPPORTERS.