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Irrational hatred of...
Garth Crooks
By Nick Grundy
Please add Garth Crooks to the list of people deserving of our hatred. His display as a commentator on Match of the Day was frankly pathetic. Not for him the dull, everyday commentary style of actually talking about the game, but rather a succession of unspeakably uninteresting, self-congratulatory anecdotes about how good a player he was. When Des Lynam makes a comment about someone's goal to game ratio Garth didn't talk about their style of play, choosing instead to reply "Almost as good as mine", and looked as if he thought someone actually cared or even believed him when he said that he'd thought Mark Hughes was really good when you played alongside him at Man Utd. And he told the manager, as well. Take this grovelling arse-licker from our screens NOW, and put "BBC hard-man" Trevor Brooking on alone if necessary!

And UEFA president Lennart Johannsson, for one of the most blatant and despicable abuses of power I think I've ever heard of. To him I can only say (predictably but rather satisfyingly all the same) "One-nil"!