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Irrational hatred of...
By Matt Bunner
I suppose you can't blame them. They are on the TV every week, their stars players are household names and just about everybody in the solar system has heard of them because they keep winning the Premiership. But, why, o-why, does everybody who knows sod all about footy say they support them? If I gave them a map of England and said, "Where the hell is Manchester then?", I bet most wouldn't have a clue. Recently, one chap (who I've known for 2 years and has never been to a live event of any kind) said the golden words, "I support Man Utd!" and so I inquired whether he knew any Utd players. "Err, David Beckham, Bryan Giggs", came the response. No doubt that he starting supporting them after the Porto game.

Occasionally, you do meet the odd fan that does know the history of the game, but the majority are on the bandwagon for as long as the team are successful. These people are floaters and will attach themselves to anything that is successful and popular. It happened with Liverpool in the 80's and now with Man U in the 90's (and, to a lesser extent, Newcastle).

The answer is simple. Bandwagonners: don't pretend you know when you don't. This is partly the reason why the majority of the footy world hate Man U.. and we hate Man U and hate Man U.....