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The Hall Of Arse:
Steve Talboys
by Ian Lay
There are people on this Earth that are put here for a reason. Elton John was put on this earth to make records and raise money for charity. Graham Taylor was put on this earth to make being a Watford fan a wonderfully pleasurable experience. Jamie Moralee was put on this earth to (CENSORED BY BSaD LEGAL DEPARTMENT)...erm... sorry...what was I saying? Oh yes. But Steve Talboys? Well, the only reason I can see for him to exist was to run around and consume a large amount of oxygen that some poor child could have been breathing.


He came to Watford in July 96. Bought from Wimbledon by Kenny Jackett. Why? I mean, why? Kenny at the time said that this was the kind of experienced midfielder that we needed. So why not play him then? Because he was crap. Awful. Poor. Poo poo. Very, very smelly. Okay, he wasn't quite that bad, but he was so ordinary that he made Keith Millen look like Michael Owen.

He left in January 98 (having played about half a dozen games for us) and as far as I'm aware went into non-league football for a while before retiring to become a male model or something (yes, he was quite appealing to the ladies.... and the blokes if you are that way inclined, I suppose).

Maybe he was put on this world to be bisexual porn star. He would have more talent for it than being a they say... erm, from what I've heard....erm, I think I'll shut up now. (That's a good idea - BSaD Legal Department)