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The Hall Of Arse:
Trevor Putney
by Chris Lawton
"Who on earth is Trevor Putney?" I hear you cry.

Trevor Putney was signed by Perryman towards the end of the close season in 1991 in an exchange deal for Willie Falconer. His only real contribution, as far as I can tell, was to score on his debut against Arsenal in the Centenary Match. Other than that I can tell you nothing about Trevor Putney, except that he came from Middlesborough where he was rumoured to be quite useful.

Putney was so anonymous in his time at Watford that I can't even tell you when he left or where he went. This may have something to do with his arrival coinciding with my disappearance as a regular fan by going to university, but that's no excuse.

Willie Falconer was a rampaging nutter of a midfield player who had a habit of getting sent off at Brighton (twice) and probably several other places as well. Still at least he put himself about and got stuck in. Trevor Putney on the other hand did, as far as I can tell, nothing. In fact he did so little that I am surprised that I can remember enough of him to write this article.

Still it could be worse, I could have written about Garry Thompson - but that was another season.