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Gone but not forgotten:
Yves Makabu-Ma-Kalambay
Position: Goalkeeper
From: Chelsea - on loan - February 2006
Record: Played: 0 Scored: Go on, guess
To: Chelsea - end of loan - March 2006
Career stats: Soccerbase
He was: A bit of a mouthful

Well, thanks a lot! I;m given my first opportunity to write for BSaD in years and they give me a "Gone but not forgotten" on a player I know nothing about. At least I can write a load of garbage and the fact is, most fans will be none the wiser as to whether it's accurate or not. Or even care.

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about writing this article is the name. A name which had so much potential but a player that most failed even to see. I think I got a glimpse of him at the Withdean.

I remember sending a text to a few people on the morning of the Brighton game to get a reminder of his name as he was due to be included in the squad that day. The answers I received were similar if not exactly the same: "Yves something or other."

I'm guessing we would have known him as "Yves" because there's no way the rest would fit on a shirt. "Noel-Williams" struggled to have his name correctly printed, so unless two lines were going to be used, just "Yves" would have had to have done.

After Lenny Pidgeley, Kalambay was the second fourth-choice goalkeeper we’ve borrowed from Chelsea. Unlike Lenny, he only managed to make it on the bench for us once. How can we compare him to other past goalkeepers? In terms of ability, we can't because we haven't seen him play. I would suggest categorising him with the likes of Andy Iga and Paul Wilkerson but for the fact he is currently at Chelsea and has previously been at PSV and Anderlecht.

On a semi-positive note, we may see him back here again in the near future....

Rob Sterry