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Gone but not forgotten:
Geoff Pitcher
Position: Midfield
From: Millwall - nominal fee (part of Moralee deal) - July 1994
Record: Played: 7(9) Scored: 2
To: Kingstonian - free transfer - May 1996
Career stats: Soccerbase
He was: Pointless

One of Roeder's "he hasn't cost anything, we'll see how he does" buys, I could never quite work out what Pitcher was supposed to be doing. I assume he was a kind of attacking midfielder but it was difficult to be sure. In the first team, the game by-passed him too much (he lacked the touch and vision necessary for a creative midfielder, neither did he have enough physical presence to be a ball-winner) and so most of his time was spent in the reserves - there's little point in keeping players just so that they can fill up the second eleven. Still, he scored a couple of goals so he must have something.