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Goal machines:
Trevor Senior
By Kingsley Roberts
Big Trev never looked like a footballer, he appeared to look more like someone who was always last pick when you're selecting football teams. I always thought that when he was a kid he was consistently told to get in goal so the bigger kids could take shots at him. He never seemed to possess the innate confidence which all footballers need. Could you imagine Trevor being the hero of the school after he had scored his second hatrick against the local rivals? He seemed to me to have been the kind of kid who would wear knee high white socks and Dunlop green flash trainers and would have been made to run around the sports pitches because no one wanted him on their side!

However I must have be wrong because, apart from his exploits at the Horns, Trev has always been loved at his other clubs. In fact he is something of a Luther Blissett character at Reading, where he scored an incredible amount of goals in their promotion push into the Second Division during the 85-86 season. He then left the club for a bigger pond but then returned for a last swansong. He also spear-headed Farnborough Town`s attack in their return to the G.M. Vauxhall Conference last season.

It must be said that the Hornets never really saw the best of Trev. He played twenty-eight times, plus four as a substitute, scoring a net-busting four goals - one of them in the league against Sheffield Wednesday, two in the FA Cup against Coventry and Port Vale, and the other in the League Cup.

He soon became the focus of a Watford hate campaign, mainly because he was seen as a way of abusing Bassett and also because he was totally inept, he appeared to lack anything which could be described as talent. He was slow, had little or no positional sense and his shooting was appalling - the ball normally smashing into the scoreboard rather than the back of the net.

It must be said that he never played alongside a good striker, partnering the likes of Iwan Roberts and Malcolm Allen rarely brings out the best in players, and you could not fault Trev for his effort, but he was a complete donkey and certainly was out of his depth in the big league.

He left the club for Middlesborough where he helped yet another club onto promotion, and then returned back to Reading to relive the golden days!

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