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Jordan Stewart
Position: Left Back / Left Midfielder
From: Leicester City - 125,000 - July 2005
Career stats: Soccerbase
He is: Waiting to happen


Jordan Stewart. Jordan. Stewart.

To some the name will conjure an image of a dashing movie star - someone out of the Harrison Ford school of acting possibly. To others, well, they won't be able to get past the image(s) implied by that christian name. Particularly my middle aged ex boss ("I'll be in Jordan next week" he said. "Err, the country, not the model," he added somewhat needlessly).

And yet somehow that sums up the first impression we have of our 125,000 summer capture from Leicester. We're not sure who he is yet.

My recollection from his appearances for Leicester, albeit snatched from various TV highlights, is of a reasonably skilful player working his way up and down the touchline. A poor man's Ashley Cole, if you will.

We've yet to see this happen - but it is early days and maybe our Adie hasn't got round to working his magic on our Jordan. You get the impression that Jordan may be a Boothroyd type of player; young and with promise that can be realised with more confidence. Here's hoping that some of the enthusiasm and confidence currently surging through this young team rubs off on Jordan.

Steve Temple
Last updated: September 2005