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Championship review:
By Ian Lay
October, though patchy, was a good month for the Horns. A month where we started to put a strangle hold on the division.

It all began with a certain game on the 4th. A very insignificant encounter with a team a few miles up the M1. Okay, it was the biggest damn game of the season and one everyone was looking forward to. Luton away. And a chance to avenge ten years of misery.

I won't go into blinding detail about it all. That has been well documented else where on BSaD. But to those who have very short memories, the game was over within thirty minutes. Johnson, Thomas, and Kennedy twice made it 4-0 before we could catch our breaths. And it would have been five if the referee had given one of the most blatant penalties you've ever seen. I must admit though I'm glad he didn't because it would have probably started a riot.

It was my first time at the Kennel. And I will admit that I have no great desire to go back. The ground is a dump and I can understand why so few Luton supporters want to go there.

4-0. The feeling would live long in our hearts for the rest of the season. We had finally vanquished Luton Town. Such a shame we won't have another chance to beat them for about ten years. Bye bye Luton, bye bye Luton.....

Bristol Rovers was wet. Very wet. Well, at least for the first half. My bag got soaked, my cloths got soaked, Pete's flag got soaked.. A very even game up until we scored and then we could have gone 4-0 up. In the end the normal nailbiting finish ensued, but we won and that was the main thing.

At this point in the season, I was already done to the bone on one hand. The other? Well, I just couldn't bring myself to look at it.

The less said about the Millwall game the better. They came with a plan. We were clueless. They won 1-0. Enough said.

Fulham was satisfying. It was also the tale of two Watfords. The long ball Watford and the quick, neat passing Watford. Fulham dealt quite happily with the former. They had no idea when it came to the latter. Our finishing for once was clinical and after the home defeat by Millwall a win was critical. The 2-0 scoreline flattered us a little. It was a closer game than that.

The month ends with the Great Escape. I don't think I will witness a game like it again. We scored with our first attack in the opening minute and then hardly got a touch for the rest of the half. The second half was similar, though we had a little more possession. Yes, that's right - the nice players from Grimsby did let us play for a while.

Certainly it has to go down as one of the best away days I had this season. A lucky win, some very funny moments and good ale. What more can one ask for? Okay, sex as well, but it's too cold up there for that!

Best moments: Luton, the win, the long wait being over. Singing and dancing in the rain with Pete Fincham at Bristol Rovers.

Worst moments: Millwall was particularly dull. Sitting in a Luton pub having a drink before the game with Rupe and Rob, knowing that we had been rumbled by some Luton "fans", was a little uncomfortable.

Funniest moment: Many good moments at Grimsby. My favourite (contrary to my report for BSaD) was us singing "You only sing when you're fishing". Also their announcer calling Clint Easton, Clint Eastwood.