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Championship review:
By Ian Lay
I have been thinking long and hard about how to do the final installment of the season review. My original idea was to bring together all the best bits from the season and then my own memories of the game at Fulham in to one great final climax. But

1) I'm lazy
2) The new season is nearly upon us and I've simply run out of time.
3) I could never do it justice.

The words of many of those that went to Fulham can be found here. They detail that fateful day when all the hard work over the season paid off so well I couldn't hope to top it.

What I will leave you with is my best and funniest moments of the season. Doesn't seem right to include any worst moments.

Let's hope that this season will bring further joy.

Best moments: Johno's 35 yarder at Carlisle. Goal of the Season from Rocket Ron at home to Blackpool. Peter Kennedy's equaliser at home to Sheffield Wednesday. Clinching promotion at Bristol City, and finally winning the title at Fulham.

Funniest moments: Anything involving Rupe. Keep making us laugh Rupe, we may need your humour more this year.