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Championship review:
By Ian Lay
Though March was a poor month, it did see us show an improvement in our play. However, the results were to elude us for most of the time.

First up, Walsall at home. And I now know what it's like to be a Grimsby or Brentford fan. Walsall should never have been in the game. We totally out-played them but couldn't find the killer touch. Conceding an early goal never helps but it at least gave us the time to do something about it. An early set of substitutions (after twenty-five minutes) saw Slater and Bazeley enter the fray. This gave us much needed creativity and, if it were not for the lack of finesse with the final ball, we would have been level by half time. But a goal came and a simple one it was in the end. Ronny and Slater setting Bazeley free on the right to send over a good cross and Gifton Noel-Williams was at the far post to head the ball in.

At this point, you couldn't see us losing. We had the upper hand and were still creating a number of chances but disaster struck. A messy goal it was on our part. Half clearances, goal line stops and arms and legs everywhere. Eventually the ball got fed up with it all and decided to have a nice rest in the back of our net. 2-1 to Walsall.

So the result was poor, but the performance was better and that could only be encouraging.

I missed Blackpool away, but by all accounts we acquitted ourselves well again only to be denied all three points by a late goal from a free kick.

The less said about Southend at home the better. We expected three points, they went away with a share of the spoils. What is it about the team at the top playing the team at the bottom? It so rarely goes to form.

Carlisle at home was all going to plan until the last twenty-five minutes. An early strike from that goal machine Steve Palmer and another from Bazeley fourteen minutes into the second half and we were cruising. Then they got a goal back and we did our headless chicken act again. We could easily have lost the game and we could equally easily have made it safe as well. But it is a little worrying that we don't seem to be able to cope with a 2-0 lead for very long.

Oldham away and again I didn't go. Instead I connected to the IRC server and "talked" with some fellow Watford fans on the #Vicarage_Road channel. This included doing a commentary on the last five minutes of the game. Three Counties Radio had switched to the Horns game for the last moments. I was concentrating so much on typing out what was happening that I wasn't really taking a lot of it in. So when in about the fifth or sixth minute of injury time Oldham got a free kick and scored to get the equaliser, I simply wrote "Oldham score. 2-2" without realising the impact. I quickly added "bugger" when it had sunk in.

Now I know what a York fan feels like as well.

The last game of an up and down month was Northampton at home. The game also saw the launch of "The Luddite Edition" of BSaD. As far as I'm aware, the majority of the thousand copies were sold. Well done to all those sellers.

The game was a good one. We out-played the oppo again without getting the goals we needed to win the game. And after going 1-0 up with a superb strike from Richard Johnson you just knew Sod's Law would haunt us again..... and it did. With Northampton's second opening of the game they equalised with a low shot past Chamberlain. They didn't deserve the point, but then we should have put the game beyond reach long before then.

Oh, and there was some Watford Mailing List party thing after the game in the Saracens Bar under the Rous Stand. Don't remember much about it myself. :-)

Best moments: Johnno's goal against Northampton and the WML bash.

Worst moments: Southend was the low point. As was some of the mindless crap spouting from so called Watford fans during some of the home games.

Funniest moment: Pete Fincham singing at the WML bash.