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Bits 'n' bobs:
WML bash
2nd March 2002
Photos by Peter Wilson

Irish 'Orns

Jamie Parkins

Dave Messenger

Nigel & Judy

Andy Stocks & Steve Todd

Irish 'Orns with Nigel Gibbs and Neil Cox

Don Fraser wins Nordin's shirt

Jacque Bell & Steve Todd

Captains Todd & Ping-pong

Steve Todd, Jacque Bell & Keith Withers

Mary Grimson

Daz Sear with the signed banner

Steve Todd, Dave Messenger,
Peter Wilson & Don Fraser

Sarah Jones & Simon Devon
with their raffle prizes

Sarah Jones, Rob Sterry & Simon Devon

Alan Chatfield, "Cavey" & Rob Sterry

Yes, that Rupe...

Andy Stocks & Elliott Day

Collette & Ed Messenger

Steve & friend, plus Nigel

Our gracious hosts

Ian Grant

Colin Payne & Anthony Clarke

Anthony & Jamie

Jonathan Richards

Dave & Collette

Ed Messenger

Elliott Day

Simon Devon, Sophie Lavender,
Rob Sterry & Jamie Parkins

Jamie Parkins, Nick Grundy, Nick's sis, and Hugh