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White knuckle riding
By Julie MacTaggart
There are two types of white knuckle rider: those that clench the bar, grit their teeth, close their eyes and silently pray for the ride to be over, and there are those who wave their arms in the air and scream...very loudly. Both types, however, have several things in common: they both know that the danger is an illusion, that experienced technicians have built the ride, and that it will inevitably come to a safe halt. Would you get on a rollercoaster whose safety bar and brake system had been removed just to see what would happen? Probably not!

Much as some people are, apparently, looking forward to experiencing the Aidy Boothroyd 'white knuckle' rollercoaster, I feel like I will be clenching the bar, closing my eyes and praying that when May comes we still have something worth stopping for! Unlike the rollercoaster, there are no guarantees. When the WFC train is hurtling over the next precipice, who knows whether it will come flying back up and stop where we want it to...and to be fair, would any Watford football fan want that kind of guarantee? I sometimes wonder if it must get just a tad boring always watching your team win and what trauma must be gone through when a previously successful team suddenly lose a game.

I've supported Watford for twenty-six years, I've been through the absolute highs and some pretty bad lows, but I've always been there. Just because I and others feel entitled to express our opinions over certain events does not mean that we won't be there next season, or the following season, or the season twenty years on from that. In fact, as with all football clubs, the only constant is the fans. Chairman, managers, players may come and go but there will always be the fans. So I do not believe that the Watford fans who have reacted to recent events can be held to blame in anyway for anything that happens in the boardroom, or on the pitch next season. I am, as they are, just voicing doubts, fears and concerns about recent actions towards our loved one, one that we will love 'til we die'!

White knuckle riding...perhaps we all need to put our hands in the air and scream...very loudly!