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Our Tommy
By John Clayton
There was some recent correspondence about "Our Tommy", during which he was described as (paraphrasing here) "a big-hearted hero, but limited in skill".

Here follows my view. Some is repetition. Most is not. I hope you all agree, otherwise - tough! But whatever you say, I am right and you are wrong. So there.

Fortunately, I can't enter into pub discussions about formations of battle like 6-3-3 and so on, just don't have the technical knowledge. Neither would I notice who was playing "in the hole". Certainly wouldn't see a "channel" to play down if it opened up before my eyes. Prefer to "lob the goalie" - that I do understand.

Us children of the sixties had "triangles" and "one-twos". In them days we had to watch thirty home games before we could hope to know half the players' names. You lot have it easy with names and numbers on their backs. Perhaps these names on shirts and squad numbers are really for the benefit of players with big "teams" stuffed with mercenaries from numerous foreign nations like Chelsea - otherwise how would they ever know each other?

Twelve months ago my argument, which then also in Tom's favour, would have been founded on emotion and little else. What other player pulls those 'orrible faces at us travelling fans at away grounds just before a Watford corner? Magic.

Following approximately twenty-eight games of hard study, I can now present my findings, open my notebooks to the world, claim the hard, indisputable sound base of fact. You know, the stuff of Science, the thing wot proves things, that totally negates and stuffs opposing views for six.

I'll only say it once, just the one time, won't repeat myself 'cos it is such a simple truth. And here it is. Tommy Mooney is really good, he is brilliant, he has skill, positional sense, strength, vision, knows what to do and, of course, he is a total inspiration to his team and us fans. There you are, I've said it now. Any dispute?

Up to being savagely, cruelly (I say cruelly because it's a sixties word - it appeared in all our songs) and deliberately crocked by an unnamed/allegedly French short right full back with a funny haircut playing for Chelsea with a World Cup winners medal, we were eighth or ninth in the league, having by then won three of our earliest games. SuperTommyMooney had scored a couple of goals and nearly scored more - could have doubled our lead at Anfield, for instance.

While Tommy was out, we declined horribly. However, on his return did anyone see the difference? No more hidings, draws, even a win. The first green "shoots" (nice pun?) of a revival. How on earth did Van Der Gouw of MU see let alone save that absolute handbreaker of a shot from Tom? If Tommy's overhead attempt had succeeded instead of so nearly against Coventry? And so on, I could go on. I will if you wish.

I've proved the case to my own satisfaction. I am blinkered, I am blind to contrary views, I am Judge, I am Jury, I care nothing for the logic of others.

Tommy Mooney is really super. There, I've said it again.