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Can a football club combat social exclusion?
MA Urban Regeneration Dissertation
By Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards' dissertation for his Urban Regeneration MA at Leeds Metropolitan University bears the following sub-title - "An investigative study assessing the ability of Watford Professional Football Club through its Families, Youth and Community Department to promote social inclusion". Which is why it's here, obviously.

The Families, Youth and Community Department at Watford undertakes an enormous amount of great work, and we, as supporters, must use the skills and facilities that the club has to offer for our benefit, our kids' benefit and for the benefit of the club's finances! If the club are not effectively marketing the huge range of schemes to us (and current finances may prohibit such marketing), then we must go to them and find out what they offer. At the moment, the Families, Youth and Community Department is the "best kept secret" at the football club. It needs more use!

BSaD is delighted to be able to make this fine piece of work, which received the best mark in the year and was published by the university library, available to its readers. Well, its readers with broadband, anyway - be warned that the PDF document linked below is large (about 8.5MB), so you'll either need a decent connection or the patience of a saint to download it. And you'll also need Acrobat Reader.

Download the document (8.5MB)

If you want to contact Chris, you can e-mail him at

Note: Where parts of the appendices are missing, these are interviews that are not for publication.

With thanks to Paul Goss for perseverance with the PDF conversion!