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Under pressure
By Chris Lawton
A new season dawns and once again fans all over the country will be filled with the expectancy that this year will be their year. The close season has been slightly less chaotic this year. England won in Poland and Le Tournoi whilst managers and players alike have been shuffled around the country.

This season is one of great expectancy at all levels of the game. The pressure to succeed will be even greater than last year. For Man Utd that pressure must be to win the Champions Cup. For Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle it's to stop Man Utd's hold on the championship. The national team must qualify for the World Cup Finals. Come October the performance in Le Tournoi against Italy could be meaningless.

At the bottom of the Premiership the pressure to survive, to produce that run of form that will ensure the pot is full next year. Meanwhile at the top of the First the cut and thrust battle to join the elite.

As for Watford, the players are under pressure to perform and gain promotion. For the first time in a decade the club has the right financial support to enable the club to buy players if it has to. Hopefully the debacle over Keith Scott at the end of last season will never be repeated. The players will have to learn quickly how to cope with the pressure of expectant fans.

This season could be a classic. Watford, Brentford, Bristol City and Luton are potentially a class above anyone else in the division. These four teams should dominate proceedings at the top of the table. It should be a fascinating contest that will go right to the wire. Consistency is the key to success - mixed in with a bit of good fortune.

Watford this season must look to take their chances. In games where you deserve nothing be ruthless enough to sneak a victory in the last ten minutes. You don't win by being nice. The team needs the passion and commitment of Tommy Mooney in every player. To fight even when it seems hopeless. Watford should go up. We have one of the strongest squads and we have at least one quality player in every division of the pitch. The season promises much but will the players take the pressure?

Pressure is a strange effect. Some people thrive on it and produce their best, others falter at the critical moment. The pressure on football clubs up and down the country will be there again. Some will thrive on it, others fall by it. Let's hope, just for a change, that Watford thrive on it. See you in Division One!