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Fare well
By Ian Grant
Yes, it had to happen eventually. No, that doesn't make it any easier to take.

After fifteen years of unimaginable highs at Vicarage Road, and more than a few magical moments elsewhere, Graham Taylor will retire in the summer. Wherever, whenever and however it ends, there will be some tears shed before the season finishes.

There is only one way to react to the news, which is to wish him well. Anything else would be selfish. Like every supporter of Watford Football Club, I've had my life lit up by the achievements of Graham Taylor's teams. Although you don't have to be told what those achievements are or how you felt at the time, you really should remind yourself a bit more often. He has made following this club into something wonderful and uplifting, he has given me memories that I wouldn't sell for any price.

For that, and just for being Graham Taylor, I hope that his retirement is long, happy, and relaxing. Nobody would deny that he's earnt it. To try and dissuade him would be impolite, to mourn him would be entirely inappropriate. It's hard, but there will be plenty of time for depression and sadness when he's gone. Plenty of time. When it's the last day of an incredible holiday, you don't spend it moping around in your hotel room.

So, I'll save my thoughts on other matters for another day. For now, we have just over a month of Graham Taylor's glorious Watford career left. It is the last day of the holiday, and there's still a chance to crown it all with one last set of perfect memories.

The rest is simple. See you at West Brom. Bring your vocal chords.

(Date: 29/3/01)