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By Julie MacTaggart
I wonder how many Watford fans are looking at their season tickets this morning and feeling had....

Regardless of when Sir Nigel knew of his imminent departure, be it before the end of the season, the end of May or Friday, the way this was announced and its timing smacks of the most appalling underhanded action. Especially at a time when the club seem to send out a new email almost daily to keep us all 'up to date' on current events. Does anyone else find it 'interesting' that this announcement came not on the last day of the season - that would have turned the 'victory against relegation' parade into a huge protest against Graham Simpson - but on the day after the latest season ticket purchase promotions had ended. The club have used the feel good factor since the Elton John concert to encourage further purchases of season tickets, knowing full well that had the announcement about Nigel happened at any time in the past two months, the sales of season tickets would have been seriously undermined. To me, this is one of the most cynical acts we have seen thus far...and God knows we've seen a few in recent years.

I have no idea whether Elton knew about this latest debacle, I now wonder if that was why he picked Nigel out and dedicated a song to him, so that he at least could hear the high regard in which Watford fans hold him. We left the concert looking forward to the new season, based on nothing more than that 'feel good factor' with the knowledge that Heidar was probably on his way, several experienced players were on the transfer list and the squad was down to the bare bones. This sacking of Nigel Gibbs is finally a step too far for me, I can't imagine my life without Watford in it, but it makes me feel more and more now that loyalty and respect are things which have long left football.

I don't know where I go from here....