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Ready or not
By Andrew Jones
We've now had an opportunity to digest the crazy events of the last week, and ready ourselves for the crucial closing seven games. What we've got like it or not - is what we have to tackle the sharp end of the season with.

Boardroom splits and player revolts have got to be put behind us as a period of focus is required. I think we would all admit that the whole fabric of the club is at a crucial stage. This division of the Football League is pretty chaotic, two weeks off and then a rush of games to a climax in a few short weeks' time is no way to run football.

But Watford FC epitomise the chaotic state of this league. Whilst most of the teams in the dogfight have spent the last two weeks focusing their efforts on measured preparation for the final twist and turn, we have a new management team of the youngest manager in the Football League and probably the oldest assistant. These two will have been introduced to the majority of the squad (minus Helguson and Gunnarsson in Italy with the Iceland setup) for the first time on Wednesday. I hope they made a positive impression because I remember Burkinshaw leaving Tottenham in the mid 1980s and going to West Brom, but who else does....

Burkinshaw is presumably expected to lend a "knowledgeable" hand to Boothroyd, but I doubt his current actual experience of club football. It is all very well having mastered the theory of football, but April in a relegation dogfight is not about theory. There is an expression, which goes along the line of "those who can, do; those who can't, teach". I'll say no more.

What is required right now is a focus on the first three games, a game plan: an awareness of if and when plan A goes wrong, when and if you need to resort to plan B, and a method of approach. Each of the three games gives us an opportunity for success, yet each of the three games could be tricky, get it wrong and before you know it that opportunity has gone. Watford are still in a position where they can afford to get it wrong once or maybe twice, but first off let's get some points on the board.

I think some of our grittiest results and performances have been achieved away from home this season. Now is the time to test that theory.

Bring 'em on.