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Size matters
By Colin Payne
There's an ad on the TV at the moment, it is a horrible piece of film, devoid of any trace of humility, it reeks of all that is wrong with our national psyche. It explains perfectly why hundreds of unwashed smelly hooligans are smashing up Whitehall, it lays bare the lie of capitalism, I hate the advertisement.

Sir Anthony Hopkins selling his soul for Barclays BIG shilling. BIG is wonderful, "In a BIG world you need a BIG bank". Small is shit.

It must be true. Small bank branches are closing. Their business is now handled by Small Post Offices who, by virtue of the fact that they are small, are also closing, replaced by plastic cubicles in BIG Supermarkets. Which also sells the meat that used to be sold by small butchers, the veg that was once the livelihood of small green grocers, the bread which was once baked by small bakers, the newspapers no longer supplied by small newsagents....Because small is bad, we need BIG things.

But some people like small. The lovers of BIG don't understand it. If you're not BIG, then you are no good, and if you are BIG you must become BIGGER.

I don't like BIG, I like small. I like the old one screen cinemas - after all, I can only watch one film at a time, I don't need ten screens. I like the pub that has always been a pub, and not an exact replica of 350 others scattered around every High Street in the country. I like to walk to the shops, not drive forty miles to a "Mall" by the murky Thames.

And I like my Football Club. It is small, it will always be small, it needs to be small. Many will never understand it, will mock me for my love of something that is not BIG. But, like Barclays Bank, BIG has become ugly, BIG is detached, BIG now only exists to keep growing, keep changing identity, keep consuming, never giving, never feeling. I can't love BIG. BIG needs to be always at the top, no matter the price. BIG cares not for people.

I love Watford for being small. It is, in a BIG world, a special thing. Pundits, failed politicians, journalists, TV presenters and lovers of BIG still won't get it. That only makes it all the more special, all the more personal.

Watford is not a BIG business, it does not have a BIG stadium, it doesn't attract BIG gates, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

Perhaps it's a small world after all.