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01/02: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 26/02/02
Norwich City
Angles and colours
By Mary Grimson

This felt soooooooooo good for many reasons.

It's a long time since I have been able to pack life's niggles into a box and keep the lid on it all the way through a Watford match. For me, going to football used to be all about leaving the outside world behind for ninety minutes, and immersing myself in a world of yellow and red. Somewhere along the way, the boundaries came down, and the world seeped in; the colours lost their brightness.

But tonight was different. The crowd was in a receptive and supportive mood and, more importantly, the players were up for it. Where previous games have seen at best what has been described as 'fanny football' and at worst an uncohesive mess, tonight was about angles. Sharp, crisp angles. They were all over the pitch. One and two touch football; first time balls; control and pass. There was always a player making the angle. He may have been three yards away or thirty yards away but he was there, and he was wanting the ball.

Man of the match was Allan Nielsen and he had a tremendous game. A fit Nielsen is someone who should always be in the team, and he was everywhere; tackling back and flinging himself at balls in the box. Superb.

For Allan Nielsen, read everyone in a yellow shirt, not forgetting Alec in the silver. They all played well. They gave their all - and at the end of the game, Nielsen called them over to salute the Rookery with him.

I am sitting here smiling at the screen. It's a long time since I've done that after a Watford game.