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01/02: Reports:

Nationwide Division One, 03/11/01
By Mary Grimson

It was a warm November day and the sun shone brightly.

Hornets fans witnessed a spectacular ninety-minute display by the Golden Boys which ended in a 3-0 home victory over Barnsley.

One of the above statements has inaccuracies.

The weather was indeed glorious and belied the fact that we were in the month of November. Whilst the sun was out, it was very warm and Galli played. Once the sun went over the back of the Rous stand, Galli went off. That was all I am going to say about the first half, because the second statement contained the gross inaccuracy; Watford did not put on a spectacular ninety-minute display. They only came out to play with a vengeance for the second half of the game.

Why? Well, here are Mr Ray Wilkins' words of explanation - "I felt, in the first half, we were a little bit lacklustre and I don't know if that is down to the fact that one end of the ground had very few people in it which led to a lack of atmosphere." Ah yes, of course, and that would also explain the same phenomenon at Bradford and Sheffield United, wouldn't it? No. Whatever the reason, and they alone know, WFC have only got into gear in the second half of the last three games they've played.

After the break Watford looked far brighter; played with more conviction and belief and went ahead after fifty minutes. Vega volleyed the ball low across the area for Smith to slot into the net. Thank goodness...and Vega looked as pleased as punch to have been involved. Ten minutes later we were 2-0 up, Helguson taking two attempts to get the ball past ex-Watford favourite Miller. In this half, defending the Rookery goal, Miller displayed his trademark wayward kick which resulted in the Rookery chanting his name; he looked round smiling.

At the stroke of eighty-nine minutes, Vialli decided to replace Smith with Wooter. As the game drew to a close, Glass crossed the ball from the left, and Helguson came in at the far post to score again. Helguson looked delighted to get his second goal. Wooter turned rounded and headed slowly back to the centre circle, looking at the grass. With Helguson running up behind him, he held out his hand, and the two players hit hands. Thirty seconds later the game was over, Watford had won 3-0 and most players looked pleased. Nordin however shook the hands of the two closest Barnsley players and trudged off the pitch, head down.

I wonder how much more we will see of the talented little Dutchman. He is my favourite player, and although he started brightly at the beginning of the season, he seems to be out of favour after an injury in late September, generally being used as a substitute. He is an easy target for his detractors as he doesn't always produce the perfect pass or cross, but he has talent by the bucketload, and when he plays he brings excitement and unpredictability which can unnerve an opposition defence.