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Nationwide Division One, 10/2/01
Reporter makes editor work for his money
By Andy Barnard

This was going to be a fully-interactive role-playing report on the second half of the match, but in all honesty there wasn't a whole load of interaction so here's a rundown of the roles the players played:

Chamberlain made occasional saves from Portsmouth players, after which he'd invariably launch the ball into the middle of the Portsmouth half. The other role he played was stopping awkward back-passes from the Watford defence, which he'd invariably miskick because of the slithery surface.

Robinson, Ward, Page and Kennedy would either tidy up at the back and then play slithery passes back to Chamberlain, or else play the ball to Smith, Hyde or Helguson.

Panayi was destined not to play any role in the second half as he'd been taken off (injured, apparently) and replaced by Hyde.

Palmer, Nielsen and Vernazza were also destined not to play any significant role in the second half.

Hyde would go haring up the right wing whenever he got the ball, often getting a useful cross in.

Smith would make a monkey out of half a dozen Portsmouth players whenever he got the ball, then either finish with a useful cross or shot or else get knocked off the ball by the last line of defence.

Helguson is the subject of the interactive role-playing bit of this report.

At the end of ninety minutes it was announced that there would be one minute of added on time. However, it was raining so the referee blew his whistle after twenty-five seconds.