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Famous victories:

Division 1 Playoff Final, 31/5/99
Watford 2(1)
Team: Chamberlain, Bazeley, Kennedy, Page, Palmer, Robinson, Ngonge, Hyde, Mooney, Johnson, Wright
Subs: Hazan (for Wright), Day, Smart (for Ngonge)
Scorers: Wright (38), Smart (89)
Bolton Wanderers 0(0)
Why a grown man would cry
Report by Richard Wigfield

5:10 p.m. on a bank holiday Monday and I'm standing in one of the most famous stadiums in the world. I'm wearing my 1984 shirt (only because I couldn't find my seventies shirt with the two black lines down the left hand side), I'm wearing a pair of ridiculous sunglasses with staring, horrible, holograph eyes (picked up in a shop in Auckland but which just seemed so right to be wearing at this occasion). I've met and hugged some people who I have never seen before, and will probably never see again. I have had a couple (?) of beers in a pub that I'll probably never visit again, and had a great time with Watford and Bolton fans who I'll probably never see again. Being a Bedfordshire Hornet, I've driven round with my Watford scarf draped across the back window of my car and waved back using all the fingers on my hands to the locals who have been waving to me using only one or two. I've just watched my team play with pride and passion, and my voice has all but gone, and my hands are sore. I have heard a barrage of sound from my fellow supporters, and I have watched Graham Taylor and his players taking thoroughly deserved plaudits from the Watford supporting public. I have watched as my team have gained promotion to the Premiership, and I am so, so very proud.

This, my friends, is why a grown man would cry.