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Famous victories:

Coca-Cola Cup 3rd Round, 10/11/92
Watford 2(0)
Team: Suckling, Lavin, Drysdale, Ashby, Dublin, Holdsworth, Hessenthaler, Putney, Porter, Nogan, Furlong
Subs: Butler (for Nogan)
Scorers: Holdsworth, Drysdale (pen)
Leeds United 1(0)
One good thing
Report by Oliver Jones

Without doubt the highlight of the Perryman era was this shock victory over the men from Elland Rd. Having beaten Reading over two legs in the previous round, including a 2-0 victory at Elm Park (don't things change quickly in football), we found out that we would be playing the current League Champions in round three. Even though their away record was piss poor that year nobody expected to win the game. It was a cold November evening and being a somewhat recent convert to the Watford cause I had never seen a crowd quite like it. We were squashed in under the scoreboard in the Vicarage Road End terrace - probably the last time it was ever to get so full. There were so many people that it was difficult moving your arms; everybody was packed in shoulder to shoulder.

The game kicked off and was very scrappy. Leeds weren't playing that well, largely explainable by the fact that Chapman was playing up front for them. When Watford actually won a corner, the team got so excited that they all trundled into the Leeds half, forgetting a certain Mr Cantona on the halfway line. After the corner was headed away, Strachan fed the fiery Frenchman and he ran the length of the half, with only Suckling to beat. Just as we were bracing ourselves for the inevitable 4000 Leeds fan goal celebration, Perry pulled off a smart save with his legs. Cantona should have scored, but Watford had been let off the hook.

Coming out in the second half, the Horns were much more purposeful. Hessy shot narrowly wide twice, and Welsh twat Nogan even went close. Then the Horns won a free kick on the corner of the Leeds area. Trevor Putney did the only good thing he ever did for Watford in my opinion and planted the free kick on Holdsworth's head, who proceeded to cushion a header past a surprised Lukic. Who cared about the poor Leeds marking, for Holdsworth's goal sparked a first class terrace mental. I remember being grabbed by the bloke to my left who I didn't know, and when the calamity died down I had ended up about 20 feet away from my mates.

Better was to follow however, as Furlong was fouled by Whyte in the box - PENALTY. Dreamland turned into reality as Drysdale slammed the penalty beyond Lukic (I must at this point laugh at Drysdale who must now be "resigned" to another season in division two - HAHAHA). Nails were bitten to the bone as the clock ticked slowly away. McAllister's exquisite curling shot brought Leeds back to within one - AAAARRRGGGHHH, the tension was getting unbearable.

The final whistle blew at last, and the players came down for their lap of honour. Perhaps the one good moment of the Perryman era. The terraces were packed out, and there wasn't a seat to be seen. We were brought back to earth by a 6-1 reverse at the hands of Blackburn in the next round. Oh well - at least one good thing happened in the Perryman reign of boredom and pain.