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Famous victories:

Watford 1
Brighton and Hove Albion 0
White ballet tights and emerald green gloves
By Rodney Green

In spite of being an almost permanent fixture on the substitute bench at Vicarage Road, I was always very much aware of the tangible bond of affection between myself and the Watford supporters. One particular home game against Brighton is a perfect illustration of that bond.

I always wore gloves on cold days, which in those macho days was a source of much derision from the tougher elements of the team. For a bit of amusement on the day of the Brighton match I managed to procure a pair of white ballet tights and some silk green gloves which I surreptiously donned in the toilets before the game. After ninety-five minutes of play at 0-0 we won a corner. Ken Furphy, in a state of great panic, managed to effect the substitution and I can still remember his face when I took off the track suit and ran on the pitch to a great welcome, headed the corner into the net and almost immediately ran off the pitch to rapturous applause.

Clement Freud, then writing for the Daily Mail, penned the following:

"After 95 minutes play, Rodney Green, a picture of sartorical elegance in his white ballet tights and emerald green gloves headed the winner for Watford with his one and only touch of the ball."