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Nigel Callaghan
"Better than that"
By Colin Wiggins

A great player despite himself. An automatic selection for the Greatest Ever Watford Team, his obsession with DJing and the superficial world of clubbing took precedence over being one of the greatest right-sided attackers the England team had ever known. Sometimes he looked as if he couldn't be bothered and unfortunately that impression was probably correct. He was certainly the finest crosser of the ball the club has ever had, a perfect foil for John Barnes on the opposite wing and a perfect provider for the immortal Ross Jenkins.

His dribbling skill was the equal of Barnes', his shooting more unpredictable and often devastating. One of my all time favourite goals came against Manchester City. He collected the ball in the centre circle, advanced maybe ten yards and unleashed a cannonball. Often goals are described as being from 'fully thirty-five yards' but on watching the video replay, you see a shot from the just outside the penalty area. But this was, if anything, fully thirty-six yards. His back-heeled goal against First Division West Ham in the Cup, during the 1981/2 promotion season, was described by Motty as "the cheekiest goal you'll ever see" and summed up his brilliant improvisational skills. His free kick two years later against the same side at Upton Park, during the Cup Final season, was a rocket. So many others stick in the memory. He possessed surely the best shot of any Watford player, Tom Walley, Ian Bolton and Richard Johnson notwithstanding.

But he never completely won over the fans. Their loudly-voiced frustration with his apparently lazy play was surely a contributory factor in his ultimately disappointing career. Were they stupid or what? Very probably. But it is right and proper that those berks, cretins and morons who were forever goading this unique talent should see his name permanently etched into the Greatest Ever Watford team. If they can read, that is. With a bit more understanding from the supporters and with a bit more dedication from the player himself, he could have become an England legend. Instead he turns up on a Channel 4's late night "Sun, Sea and Sex" programme trying to impress by putting a condom on his head.

You were better than that Nigel, a lot better.